Signs My Car’s Brakes Are Overheating

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We recommend that you avoid driving your automobile if the brakes are overheating. We are going to discuss the signs of overheating brakes below so you know what to look for with your SUV, car, or truck. In most cases, overheating brakes can fail. Consequently, you may end up on the road unable to stop your vehicle. As such, the best plan of action is to pull over to a safe parking place and call for a tow truck. Have the tow truck bring your vehicle to our auto service shop.

Squealing Noises

The first sign of overheating brakes is squealing noises. Unfortunately, when the brakes get too hot, the surfaces of the brake pads and rotors smooth out. This is called glazing. Glazed brake pads and rotors will make squealing noises when they are pressed together. This is also one reason why it is difficult to get your automobile stopped. The brake pads and rotors have rough surfaces for the sole purpose of generating friction when they are pressed together. When the surfaces are smooth, the production of friction is reduced. Your vehicle needs this friction to stop.

Burning Carpet Odors

In fact, this friction is turned into kinetic energy, and this is what slows down and stops your automobile. If the brake pads are glazed, they will smell like burning carpet. This is a burning cloth-like odor that will waft from the brake system. When you inhale this odor, you can pretty much be certain that the brake pads are glazed. If the brake pads are glazed, the rotors are likely glazed. Consequently, you may find it harder to stop your automobile due to the lack of friction.

Burning Chemical Odors

In addition to burning carpet odors, you may also smell burning chemicals. This is a sign that the brake fluid is boiling in the brake system. Unfortunately, your brakes need fluid in order to stop your automobile. This is why the fictional bad guys always cut the brake lines. If the brake fluid is boiling, this can create bubbles in the brake lines that will cause your brake pedal to sink all the way to the floor. Scorching brake fluid is another reason why your vehicle may not stop if the brake system is overheating. Again, stop driving your automobile.

We would be happy to inspect your brake system to determine why it is operating above its normal temperature. Call us today to schedule a service appointment.

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